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good-morningGood morning!

If we, humans, are responsible for our own deeds, is GOD responsible for what we, his creation, are, what we do, and how we feel?

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good-morningMorning! Have a nice flight!!! 🙂

You wonder why? Because we live on the planet Earth which revolves around the sun at the speed of 66,660 miles per hour (107,278.87 km/h). Did you ever realize how fast it is??? We all go at full speed EVERY DAY(!) making 583 million miles (938,247,552 km) only in 365 days. How often do you realize that?

And how often do you realize that we come to this world, having nothing with us at all and going away leaving all things and people behind? We go to where we come from … but where do we come from??? Living is like coming to visit a friend in another country. You spend time, have pleasant and sad moments together. But you know that you will have to go away finally. Some leave earlier, some later … but EVERYONE leaves … why do we spend so much time on fighting, negative feelings, doing unnecessary things if the clock is ticking and we could use our time more proactively? What do You think?..

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Hi! This is my first post and even though I have thousands of thoughts, they are somehow scattered throughout my mind. That is why I decided to open a blog trying to organize my ideas in a more clear and manageable way, also I wanted to share them with you and see what opinions you have.

Actually it was a very good friend of mine who suggested me opening a blog and I would like to give her a credit for that. We still have numerous discussions on various topics and it serves me two main purposes: I can clearly (can I?) 🙂 define what I think and, the most important, by receiving a feedback I realize which parts lack support or contradict each other…

You may be already wondering by now: “Why the heck a boomerang???” … and it would be quite reasonable question. Well, the answer is simple: thanks to my friend’s persistence I finally decided to give it a try and registered at WordPress. Then I was stuck with what I should write here, where to start and who will read it. Haunted by all those questions I decided to write on the first thing to come to my mind … as you can guess now it was my blog username. “OK, it’s fine with boomerang! But what does it have to do with philosophy?!!” you ask. To this I will reply with a question: “And why do you think it has nothing to do with it ..?” But all in a good time…

If you are still with me it means you might be interested in life, too. Not just living the life but the Life itself, a phenomenon. Nowadays many think (I would personally use a verb sense for that type of brain activity) that philosophy is boring just because it takes time to come up with answers and some answers won’t be discovered, at least not during our life. Others think that following their instincts they have already found their Purpose and their lifestyle is based on a simple criterion: whether it’s fun or boring to do something. But what could be more exciting than the world we live in, our planet, universe, our place in it, and … Life?!!

Sure, quite often, we, myself included are busy trying to survive in this world; we are pretty much preoccupied with earning money to get food for a day, to pay for our shelter whether it’s just a bed in a hostel or a villa with a sea view. Indeed, it takes so much effort that frequently we forget that there might exist some higher purpose than money itself. Money becomes our philosophy… So, if a piece of paper with imprints on it has something to do with philosophy, why a boomerang, which is made of wood – the same material as money, but much thicker than even a $100,000 banknote (which was used only once in a history of the US for internal government purposes), can’t teach us some philosophy as well? Oh, I am quite sure it can and I’ll try to show you how…

To be continued in Part II soon …

P.S. As I already mentioned it’s my first post. Please, leave your comments on what you think about it. Thank you!

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