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You probably often hear: “I’m British”, “I’m American”, “I’m French”, “I’m …”, and how proud a person is to be one. But let us see closer what it means to belong to a certain country or nation. When I ask a person “why are you proud of your country” s/he often replies: “We did this”, “We do that”, “We .. we … we …”. Basically, a person is taking credit for whatever other people have achieved. Those with high moral principles may even feel responsible for mischief of their country as well. In fact they refer to people whom they have never met and don’t know personally, in other words imagine, and take credit or feel responsible for their act simply because they are of the same nationality.

Let’s see an example on a smaller scale. You live in an apartment building and you do know your neighbor who lives next door to you and sometimes you even invite him to share a bottle of wine with your family. So you two are friends. You work in the IT department of a big grocery store chain, he – in a small lab which is doing research on stem cells.  Imagine that one day he gets a Nobel Prize for his extraordinary achievements in his research. Would you take credit for his success and boast to other friends saying that you two got that reward? What if we talked about success of a people you don’t know but who live in the same country?

Another example. By saying I’m American, you state that you share an identity with all the people who are Americans and give the impression that you are proud of it. Do you really want to relate to all of these people? Certainly there are people you don’t really want to be associated to, e.g. may be you don’t want to have anything to do with the wealthy, or drug dealers, or someone else, but by saying “Americans” you do want to relate … Probably when you think of your nation, you only think of certain group of people and certain traits —- those you are fond of, naturally, or you won’t be so proud of being a national of your country. But what about other groups of people you disapprove and other traits you dislike? Probably you don’t want to be associated with them. The problem is when you make the nationality statement, you are immediately and automatically associated with all your people. Are you sure you want this?

Are you really British, American, or French? Or you are just an individual who wouldn’t discriminate another person just because he or she was born in another place, on another continent, and has another skin color? Do you really want to fight a person just because he has a different nationality or just because one of his country man was stupid enough to do something “bad”? Because when you generalize a nation you don’t only agree to take credits for success but also take responsibility for the failures of others. What do you think?

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good-morningGood morning!

If we, humans, are responsible for our own deeds, is GOD responsible for what we, his creation, are, what we do, and how we feel?

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good-morningGood morning, family!

Do you know that we are ALL related?!! Scientists examined DNAs of people around the globe and compared them with DNAs of skeleton remains found by archeologist in different countries … guess what?!.. they are 99.99% identical. What makes us different is this 0.01%. It was found out that we all come from the same woman (scientific Eva) once lived in Africa. Moreover, human race lived 3/4 of its history on the “black continent” and only during the rest 1/4 of the time started moving around the world.

While migrating people  mixed and thus new DNA combinations have been created, which contained an information on eye color, skin tone, hair shape, etc. And, probably, those who adopted better to certain climate conditions have outnumbered others in a certain regions. Thus different races appeared. But what remarkable is that we all can relate! And from this point of view it is really immature to base one’s opinion based on prejudices about skin color. There’re no better or worse races or nationalities. All that matters is which environment an individual grew up. It’s the only factor which plays a major role in one’s mental development and, hence, being. Of course, we have different physical capabilities, but the main difference which exists among us – is education. What do you think?

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good-morningMorning! Have a nice flight!!! 🙂

You wonder why? Because we live on the planet Earth which revolves around the sun at the speed of 66,660 miles per hour (107,278.87 km/h). Did you ever realize how fast it is??? We all go at full speed EVERY DAY(!) making 583 million miles (938,247,552 km) only in 365 days. How often do you realize that?

And how often do you realize that we come to this world, having nothing with us at all and going away leaving all things and people behind? We go to where we come from … but where do we come from??? Living is like coming to visit a friend in another country. You spend time, have pleasant and sad moments together. But you know that you will have to go away finally. Some leave earlier, some later … but EVERYONE leaves … why do we spend so much time on fighting, negative feelings, doing unnecessary things if the clock is ticking and we could use our time more proactively? What do You think?..

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good-morningHi! I thought it would be nice to create something like a daily morning idea sharing … It is strange but my idea generation starts quite early while I’m taking shower or brushing my teeth. Maybe it’s because I am not completely awake yet and my mind is still free and not blocked by day preoccupations?

So, today a random idea slipped into my mind: why do we like colors? Why do we enjoy them and try to make our life colorful starting from our outfit and ending with heavy machinery equipment? Why do we APPRECIATE COLOR? There are many things which we can see but they don’t excite us as much as color does. Maybe it reminds us of something very familiar and pleasant? May be it’s our genetic memory in our DNA recalls the place where we came from? Maybe it was very colorful as well? I don’t know but such ideas occurred to me. And unless it’s disapproved – it is possible. What do you think?

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